Get real job offers as in-game rewards.

Start your passive job hunting today

Hate looking for a job actively? Now you don't need to send your resume everywhere to get noticed by the best employers.
Pass the tests, earn your Skillcheckers score, and let the world's best employers get in touch with you.

How this works?

Pass the tests and get an assessment score

Now we know you are a guru of your technology. And this is officially.

Filter who you want to hear from

Who can spark your interest? Industry leaders? Unicorn startups? Now you are visible to them.

Receive only relevant requests

Relevance is our key feature. Employers are interested particularly in the skills you have shown.

Get an offer of your dream job!

Go go through a new experience with no stress and no time spent on irrelevant options.

App for programmers

Game section

Take gamified skill tests, discuss them in comments, check and improve your knowledge.

Creator section

Let us assess your creative skills: create new tests and assess the work of other creators.

Office section

Home to all your passive job-hunting stuff: job preferences, CV requests, video interviews, etc.

Three game modes

Single player

A gamified test of 10 randomly selected tasks/questions.

  • Pure knowledge meter
  • Unlimited time for each task
  • Review your faults and discuss in comments

  • Single player
  • Competition

    A 5-minute race against two rivals. Who delivers faster and better?

    • Correct solution: +1
    • Wrong solution: -2
    • Skip a question: -1

  • Competition
  • Special missions

    Special missions empowered by our customers. Longer and trickier tasks; hints available.

    • A different fiction story for each mission
    • Immersive and demanding
    • Great employers behind each game

  • Special missions
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