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How it works

Skillcheckers is an AI-based
recruitment agency and a developer of skill-assessment games for programmers.

We attract the professional audience to our community to play, learn, create new skill tests, review each other, and get job opportunities.

We use a skill-centered approach that allows programmers to prove their skills and problem-solving abilities during the course of the game. We identify those who can solve technical problems better and faster.

AI assessment

Our games and community are designed specifically to detect users' hard and soft skills. We track our users' in-game progress and activity to build our unique database of programmers with pre-assessed skills.

AI matching

Our machine learning algorithm matches your order with our database of programmers, detects best-fit candidates, and connects them with you.

Automated hiring

When you place your order, you get an automated inflow of candidates from our database; you can shortlist them, schedule and conduct video interviews and send job offers using our convenient built-in tools.

Our hiring process

  • 1
    Place an order

    It takes 5 minutes, no credit card needed. Just indicate what kind of programmers you need and we start searching immediately.

  • 2
    Get candidate inflow

    Our AI matches your order with programmers in our database, requests their interest, and sends you their resumes with our skill assessment scores.

  • 3

    Shortlist, save, or disqualify candidates; schedule and conduct video interviews using our built-in tools.

  • 4

    Send job offers, hire candidates and pay our market-lowest success-based recruitment fee.

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